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Saturday, November 24, 2018

What happens to hemorrhoids

What happens to hemorrhoids and why does this disease……….

The hemorrhoid is a problem that occurs in older people. But now this problem has become commonplace among the youth and children too. Do you know why hemorrhoids happen? And what habits arise because of the habits. So let us know why this problem is due and which habits can flourish due to which habits.
What happens to hemorrhoids disease-

According to Ayurveda, the main cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. If you have constipation for a long time then hemorrhoids can take you in its grip.
It is also called Piles and Hemorrhoids in English. In this disease, the moth comes out in the a-nal gates. During bleeding and bleeding, blood is released. There are two types of internal and external.
Due to hemorrhoids and defenses
If any of your fathers or grandfather has had this problem, then maybe you can also get it as a bad gift. So if your family has such a medical history, keep in touch with your doctor. Because this problem is passed from one generation to the next generation.
If you are fond of eating more oil spices then leave this habit immediately. Because of this, this problem also takes its form. And after so many times, due to wrong eating, it takes a bigger form.
If you have a routine or you do not give much physical exercise, this problem can still be yours. Even if someone in your family has not had this problem. But your wrong habits can be the reason for this. So make sure to improve habits.
If you are fond of eating food then there is no harm in it. But if you are fond of junk food then it can be harmful for you. It causes constipation in the stomach. And due to lack of stomach due to constipation for a long time, Piles may also have problems.

Reasons for Hemorrhoids........................

1. Pressing while doing showcasing.
2. Stay constipation.
3. Stay in the same position.
4. Standing for long.
5. Obesity.
6. Fiber Lack
7. Reasons for Genetics.

These things do not eat in Hemorrhoids………………………………

1. Lala or green chili should not be consumed when there is a problem of green or red chili piles. By eating chilies, piles of hemorrhoids once again become active. Hot spices, spicy, pungent food should not be eaten with chili as well.

2. Smoking and gutkha use of addiction or smoking to enhance any disease. Similarly, the problem of hemorrhoids increases by drinking betel nut, gutkha, pan masala, and a cigarette. People who are troubled by the problem of hemorrhoids should be kept away from drunkenness.

3. Avoid Fast Food People suffering from Piles should keep distance as fast as possible, as fast as possible. Instead of eating fast food, you can add fruits, or some special vegetables such as cabbage, beet, tomato etc. to your diet, which are very beneficial and also help in getting rid of this problem.

4. External food should be avoided when it is hemorrhoids, because salt, chili and sanitation are not taken into account in the outside food whereas in the household food is cooked cleanly and spices are used less . Piles of infection can increase by eating unhealthy and pain also increases very much.

Hemorrhoids Home Remedies……………………………………….

       1.  Treatment of hemorrhoids by radish rush
Take out a cup of radish rash after drinking it in the morning and drink it after eating 1 cafeteria lunch and do not have to consume it. This eliminates all the diseases like piles, piles, hemorrhoids, fissure and fissure.

       2.   Treatment of Killer Hemorrhoids From Coconut
Nariya kata khooni is very beneficial in hemorrhoids. First of all burn this vessel and consume it. Then consume 3-4 grams of this consume and mix it in 1 cuff curd or buttermilk and eat it. You have to take it one day. 1 day I take it 3 times As you can, morning, afternoon, evening, these medicines are so effective that one day I am able to heal. - Benefits and disadvantages of coconut
       3.  Treatment of hemorrhoids with black grape juice
The best medicine for hemorrhoids Black Grapes Rush. Grapefruit roses of black grapes are used daily in the morning. Attention Rush does not mean to drink to you.

       4. Treating Hemorrhoids from Bell's Syrup
In the summer, I use the vine of the vine without ice, it cures all the stomach diseases. Constipation is cured as it is due to constipation and hemorrhoids can be cured if the constipation is cured. So do as much as possible in the summer season and eat it as much as possible.

       5.   Hemorrhoids treatment of mango and jambu kernels
Dry the inner part of the mangle and the berries of berries in the sun. Then mix these two and make them powder, then fill this powder in a cocoon. Then take one spoon of it with hot water every day, it will be very quick. And it can also be consumed with buttermilk, this gives a lot of benefit in bloody piles.

       6.  Treatment of piles by bitter gourd juice
Make a bitter gourd and add a little sugar candy in it and take one spoon twice a day from it twice or two in three days.

7.  Treatment of hemorrhoids using aloe vera

Apply aloe vera gel on your anus and slowly massage. This will fix the problem of your pain and irritation. Also, you should cut the aloe vera leaves and keep it in the fridge for cooling. Now remove them and put them in an undisturbed place.

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