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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2,3,5,4'-Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-d-glucoside has anti-inflammatory activity and could be applied as a compound for treatment of osteoarthritis drug.

PMID:  Molecules. 2018 Mar 3 ;23(3). Epub 2018 Mar 3. PMID: 29510478 Abstract Title:  In Vitro and In Vivo Anti-Osteoarthritis Effects of 2,3,5,4'-Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-β-d-Glucoside from Polygonum Multiflorum. Abstract:  Thunb. is a traditional herbal medicine that is rich in polyphenols. The major compound, 2,3,5,4'-tetrahydroxystilbene-2--β-d-glucoside (THSG) has many pharmacological activities, such as antioxidative and free radical-scavenging properties, and the abilities to reduce hyperlipidemia, prevent lipid peroxidation, and protect the cardiovascular system. In this study, the anti-osteoarthritis (OA) effects of THSG were explored using in vitro and in vivo models. THSG inhibited nitric oxide (NO) and prostaglandin E₂ (PGE₂) production and inducible NO synthase (iNOS) and cyclooxygenase-2 expressions by lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 cells. On the other hand, THSG inhibited PGE₂ production and iNOS and matrix metalloproteinase-13 expressions by interleukin-1β-stimulated primary rat chondrocytes. Through a mono-iodoacetate-induced rat OA model assay, THSG reduced paw edema and improved the weight-bearing distribution. Therefore, THSG has anti-inflammatory activity and could be applied as a lead compound for the development as an OA drug.

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